Chip Tuning  

 SNs Tuning began by disassembling the source code and fuel/timing maps of the Digifant-1 ECU to extract the maximum performance from your g60 motor.

stock cam, 62mm pulley shown above

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Stage 1 -  Use 92 Octane, stock G60 Pulley (78mm), and stock fuel pressure regulator, ISV-Check Valve strongly suggested!
Stage 2 -  Use with 92+ Octane Fuel, 68mm Power Pulley and 3.5 bar Fuel Pressure Regulator* and ISV-Check Valve.
Stage 3 -  Use with 92+ Octane Fuel 68mm Power Pulley, 3.5bar fpr* and 260o camshaft, and ISV-Check valve.
Stage 4 -   Use with 92+ Octane Fuel 68mm Power Pulley, 3.5bar fpr* and 268/260o camshaft , and ISV-Check valve.

* Note: required 3.5 bar fuel pressure regulator -Part # is  Bosch # 0 280 160 263  -- Porsche Part #: 944 110 198 03  


SNs sells all parts in kit form except for the pulley! SNs kits will function properly with the stock pulley, but for maximum power, SNs suggests a 68 (or 65!) mm pulley. SNs also strongly suggests replacing the G60 charger timing belt at which time you install a smaller pulley.  68mm is the standard overdrive pulley, however many people are now going to 65mm and/or the 92 G60/Passat "3mm larger"  main crank pulley (VW p/n 037 105 255) to squeeze out even more boost!  

All chips are set for 7000+ RPM rev limit. We can set the redline to any value you like!


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