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  NO LAG Stage 1   $79
  NO LAG Stage2- 4  $125

  STAGE 5 - CUSTOM  Contact us first!  $150

  Digifant-2 CAM chip 

(PROMS out of stock right now)


  Digifant-2 NO CAM CHIP 

(PROMS out of stock right now)


Upgrade to any chip 

Click here to purchase any Stage 1-4 chip without shipping charge (local pickup or special arrangement only! or 2nd chip purchase) $125

Shipping+Handling $8

SNs chip

Please remember to include all specs of your stage. If your car is a G40, or California OBD-1 Model, please let us know!. If you run 91 octane, let us know! We have special versions of the stage 2-4 for special people..

Drive your car to Atlanta, with a extra wideband bunghole and we'll tune your car on the street! Or You pay for the dynojet, and a small fee and we'll help you dial in in that perfect air fuel.

SNS chips come with a 30 day warranty. Of course if the chip EVER fails, send it back and we'll replace it for free.If you break the pin off a chip, smash it to pieces, or otherwise desecrate your chip, we'll probably charge you for shipping and handling.

 SNs will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. We are chip tuners who will not snide you, stand behind our work, and most of all, we drive g60's daily.


Ask around to the competition: Ask them when the last time they modified their chips to improve performance? Ask them how much a custom chip will cost? Ask the competition if they drive their chips every day and strive to improve them on a continuous basis. Ask those chipmakers if the have time to chat about their g60 chip? Click here to AIM chat me right now!

If you do not like Paypal, we accept Checks/Money orders, please contact us at for information on where to send payment.