PROPS go out to shops dedicated to improving our rare g60 motor.

KompressorKanada representing the great white north , is our official SNS CANADA distributor. If you need a full stage kit or rebuild look no further, eh!

SNS Holland - Email Sergio - Time to put the smack down on JD!!

SNS UK - Email Bilal in London - Teamed up with to kick some jabba the butt!

Click here to buy the 16V fuel adapter to make your 16V Digi-1 compatible!

Probably one of the best G60 mechanics around. Barry Palmer Auto Phone:770-425-2549 Marietta,ga. Fair prices, kick ass work, cool dude. If you have to drive to atlanta, to get your work done, the this is the place to go. No drama, and great work/service. Actually if you have a VW and you are near atlanta, you best just take your car here or i'll smack you for being a dumbass.. seriously.