The SNS saga began when Sam and Danny met on the VW Vortex. They both had G60 Corrados that just weren't fast enough (they weren't very shiny, either :) ). Beyond this, there was a common bond to junk, much like the beloved duo of Fred Sanford and his son Lamont. SNS was born.

First car for Danny was a '70 Plymouth Road Runner. 440 c.i., 4bbl holley, mild cam, headers, 4.10 gears w/ sure-grip diff, and a custom valve-body helped this dinosaur keep up with the local Buick GN in the early '90s with low 13 second 1/4 mile times at just over 100mph. The loud pedal worked extremely well in this car. Total investment including a replacement transmission, new tires, initial purchase price of car, etc. was less than $2000 :). Of course, that figure doesn't include gas bills... The car was big, heavy, thirsty and a bit cumbersome... o.k... extremely cumbersome :). College tuition beckoned and the RR was parted out and sold for a song... life goes on.

Second fun car was an '89 Sunbird Turbo SE (no gay ground-defects or spoilers). This car had its share of trouble which any high mileage car would have and they were dealt with accordingly. Even with zero support in the aftermarket, this car was made quite fun to drive with some simple modifications such as an open element intake/with heatshield, 2 1/2" exhaust with a Flowmaster muffler. The catalytic converter jumped out of the car one day, since there was no emissions testing in Tallahassee, FL. The noisy motor (from high mileage) tripped the knock sensor constantly, so, it was conveniently bypassed for a cost of $0.99 :) and a manual boost controller was fabricated from parts at the local hardware store for about $15. The last two mods are what made this car actually fly, for a lot less money than it had any right to. Peak boost would zoom past 18psi and the little 2.0 Pontiac would happily annihilate it's tires in the 1st couple of gears. On street tires with marginal traction, the ol' Sunbird rocketed to a 15.00 at 95mph on an old 2-lane highway.Hooray for cheap mods and junk tools.

Danny's G60
The G60 was pre-wrecked and bought for cheap. The accident wasn't reported, so the car wasn't totaled by the insurance company. New body panels were needed, but not necessary and it had a full leather interior. This alone didn't qualify it as precious junk. The fact that it was VW's venerable G60 Corrado qualified it as pure, unadultered junk. The challenge was to make this piece of junk as fast as it's factory junk could take it. The supercharger had puked up a couple of seals due to a worn G-Lader housing. This was the perfect starting point for a junk G60. Rather than throw it out, new apex seals were installed, then one was again puked. Still bonding to his Junk G-Lader. The housings were ported with and the seals reinstalled with some minor modifications. The charger awaits a rebirth See Owner's rides for full details in the table of contents. Of course, with the G60 came the urge to begin some self-sufficient tuning for the G60's loud pedal. This is when Danny met Sam...

Sam's G60
Sam decided that the junk G60 wasn't hard enough to deal with since it had too strong of a cookie-cutter aftermarket. Instead, he replaced it with more expensive junk in the form of an ATP Turbo conversion. Not leaving well-enough alone, Sam wanted to run all-da-boost. The stock injectors were deemed marginal, so he decided to buy some junk 30# injectors to feed this nasty little engine. The idea worked well enough at full throttle, but was killing nearby vegetation.

The VW aftermarket isn't interested in 1 guy with a turbo who wants to blow his motor at every opportune moment. Sam and Danny decided to take matters into their own hands. This motor must be made into pure junk. An eprom burner was purchased, the coding of the Digifart ECU was figured out and a series of chips were created. Unfortunately, neither one has blown his engine. Instead, they just made more HP and torque than the ancient 1.8L 8v G60 motor had any right to.

 SNS-owned Vehicle Overview



SNS has acquired a new owner, and now branching out into other markets. ME 2.7,2.9,5.9,7.x. Digifant-2 as well! Realize that SNS puts all of its profits into making new features for your cars! We don't resell other peoples chips, we roll our own. So when it comes time for something custom, think about whose got your back!