Ronan's Ride



    After blowing a G-Lader and being brought back to life with a turbo conversion, Ronan cracked a piston during a day of  "spirited" driving in the mountains of North Georgia.  While it was down for the count, we decided to let a few metal shavings fly before a new piston was transplanted.  The following port work was done in course of one Saturday (8-10hrs) and thrown back in the car on that Sunday.  After the bugs were worked out of it from the rapid r&r, we took it to the dyno and recorded a best of 176.5whp and 213lbft-wtq.  The power produced is most entertaining on the freeway in 3rd, 4th and 5th when the turbo gets to sing loud.


1.8L 8V
(mild port work)
260 cam 
2-1/4" TT exhaust w/ cat in place
T3-60 w/ standard .48 turbine
30# injectors
3.5bar fpr





Intake and exhaust ports.  The bowls and short 
turn radii were paid a visit from the die grinder


Throttlebody and turbine housing were also paid a visit.  
The cast, ATP manifold was also attacked (no pics)


The final torquing after drilling and tapping too many soft, broken bolts.


Hurry up and fix your shit!

After it was broken in, we took it to the dyno and shoved about 
14psi into it (all the internal wg would allow) to get 176.5whp and 213wtq.  
The lower run was after heatsoak set in with the stock G60 IC.


This is how stealthy a front mount intercooler can be when mounted behind a stock G60 bumper.


The new plumbing for the front mount intercooler sure cleaned up the engine bay!
No dyno tuning has been done since this addition.  We'll see if it was worth it.