Francois East's Stubby Jetta Race Ride


  • 1.8, 8 valves turbocharged engine
  • 2.0l crossflow cylinder head, ported head
  • stock 2.0l 8V cam
  • 8mm stem G60 valves with sodium exhaust valves
  • Steel 3 layer OEM G60 head gasket
  • Stock G60 connecting rods and pistons, balanced
  • Hastings piston rings
  • Stock 1.8 crankshaft, knifed counterbalancers and re-balanced
  • lightened 210 mm flywheel (down to 5.5 lbs)
  • 2,5'' mandrel bent straight pipe exhaust
  • Brisk racing spark plugs
  • Garrett hybrid T31/T3/T4 watercooled turbocharger
  • Stock 1,6 Turbo diesel exhaust manifold
  • Porsche 944S fuel pressure regulator
  • Audi 5000 CD intercooler
  • Volvo 760 turbo oil cooler
  • Apex'i twin chambers blow off valve
  • Golf 16V transmission, with Quaife limited slip differential
  • Stock 1985 small size CV joints and driveshafts
  • Afcoils coil over springs with Bilstein Sport shocks
  • Prothane bushings
  • Aluminium custom engine and transmission mounts
  • Small engine radiator (no room for a big one!)

"A good low budget, high output (wasnt expecting that much, either!!) race car" - Francois East


Frank East in action
Here is the engine bay of the most powerful SNs chipped car to date.

This is the 222 whp dyno sheet.