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Danny's POS

This is my VW Corrado...

picked it up for a decent price, but, it had a bit of damage...  
Work is ongoing, replacing/fixing  body parts and steering rack etc.

Here it is with my new bumper, headlight, grille, and a bunch of hammering.
After all that hard work, something terrible had to happen. My hood 
flew open while I was driving at about 45 mph.  I didn't get  a hold 
of the digital camera before I got the windshield replaced, but, 
you can imagine the damage done.

Since I don't trust the factory hood latches anymore, my new 
hood ended up being a fiberglass piece that came with some 
good ol' fashioned hood pins... just like what my old Road 
Runner used to have.  It's the VR6 style hood with the raised center.  
That raised center is to accommodate the extra power that now 
lurks under the hood in the form of a Neuspeed P-chip with the 
68mm pulley on the G60 Charger.  Don't mind the special "Nospeed" 
bungy chords on the rear corners of the hood.  They are there to keep 
the back edge down while cruising at freeway speeds (75mph).  

While the car was injured, the sunroof liner was falling out.  
I had to have the headliner and sunroof assembly taken out 
anyway so that I could get to some of the dents that the hood 
punched into the roof.  As you can see, I got some perfectly 
matching fabric for it.  Actually, if there was a duct tape pattern, 
that would have matched the car perfectly.

**UPDATES**  That was a while ago... got the glass roof in now.  Maybe I'll post a pic one day.


The latest iteration is a ABA 16V Turbo conversion.  Click here to see the stuff.

Did a little extra work the ports, manifold and turbo to try and kill any chance of extra power... Click here for that stuff.