Ported Components 
ABA 16 V Turbo



G60 Throttlebody opened up.


Here are the intake ports after some work with the die grinder. 
Gasket matching and knife edging of the ports are visible in the picture above.
The valve guides and short turn radii were blended and smoothed as well.

The die grinder at work on the exhaust ports this time.  Seen here is the knife edged
divider.  More time was spent in the short turn radii and the bowl area of the
 exhaust ports since they are the weakest flowing point of the 1.8L 16V head


The turbonetics exhaust manifold was gasket matched
as was the turbine housing of the turbocharger.  The short turn
radii were also worked on for applicable ports in the manifold. 
Work performed here is to improve boost response by easing
the path of exhaust gases into the turbine of the turbocharger.