Front Mount Intercooler


This is the first intercooler that was mounted in place.  The install was handled by Mike Palmer.  Significant modifications were necessary to accomodate the intercooler.  Note the lower support for the radiator core had to be removed.  Any sheetmetal blocking the path for the plumbing was removed, also.  All of the plastic ducting in the bumper was also removed.

Dimensions of the core excluding endtanks are 2x6x30


Here you can see the mostly direct path to the inlet of the intercooler.


A close-up of the intercooler inlet.


Here is the outlet.  Note the gentle change in direction. 


Intercooler #2 in place, and waiting for the modified bumper to go in place.


The bumper rebar had to be cut significantly to clear the intercoolers.  A small lip was retained for preservation of some structural integrity..


Here is the latest and greatest intercooler residing in the nose of my Corrado.  It's made from a cut down Powerstroke Diesel core.  The fabrication of the intercoolers was handled by Joe Albright  This is the largest of two cores I have tried.  Also the hardest to squeeze into the confines of the Corrado's nose.

Dimensions are 2x8x30