ABA 16V Turbo: AMS Manifold and External Wastegate Sandwich Adapter.



This is the external wastegate stand-off for non-tapped AMS manifold.  I used the CNC mill at my day job to whittle this piece out of a chunk of billet steel.



The location of the wastgate is just below the compressor.  This was the only location that I could squeeze the puppy in there.



I had to angle-mill the head flange on the manifold to gain some clearance with the 2” tall wastegate standoff installed.  With the 2-1/2” downpipe on this setup, I actually could fit a flex section in the engine bay. 



As you can see, there would not be any hood clearance with the ABA 16V setup and this manifold/stand-off combo without a fiberglass VR6 hood.



Here it is fully assembled.



Another view…  Things got tighter, but more ordered when the piping was rearranged.



1-5/8” dump tube for the wastegate might have been considered loud, but for the lack of any mufflers, or baffling in the 3” exhaust.




A quick, easy exit for the 3” piping was just in front of the driver’s side, rear tire.  There are zero rattles, but then again, the wastegate dump can’t even be heard because the damned thing is so loud… heheh.  For now this is a temporary setup, but a cap might be incorporated if I Tee off of the current setup and so something with a muffler out the rear.  It’s definitely ticket-me-loud right now…  especially on the boost!


15psi is finally a handful all the way through 3rd gear and 100mph.  The 500cc injectors are finally flow-challenged at 3bar, so I will be stepping up the pressure and/or injectors so that I can get decent fuel control through 7500 rpm and 15psi.