I'm going to tell you something about timing. Each car is different, and
each car will need to be timed to the best performance given conditions
(gas,temperature, etc). It's best to touchy feely tune it in this respect. I
can tell you to set it to 6 or 8 degrees, but there might be more. Too many
factors depend on the ultimate result, which you want, the maximum power
given the circumstances.

That being said, I suggest you, on a warm day, with good fuel, mark the
distributor and cap with some paint or white out.

Then unbolt the 13mm lockdown bolt in front of the distributor. Left =
advance timing (more power), right is retard.

You want to advance it a little bit, run, it will make more power, but you
want to listen for ping (marbles rattling when you first give it gas, thats
pinging or too much timing), then at the high rpm if you feel any stumble,
thats detonation, your knock sensor will pull out power, and it will feel
like your car is missing a heartbeat (Bad stuff).

Of course, if you live in a cooler climate, like canada, you can push a lot
more timing. If you live in Cali or CO with 91 octane, you are going to have
to back out timing most likely. Our chips dump a ton of timing as it is, so
don't get crazy and expect to run 14 degrees of timing unless you happen to
have some handy dandy (100-114) race fuel in your car.

I hope you find this information valuable, you'll see that there are a ton
of little tricks to squeeze out more power, and eventually you'll realize
how tempermental the motors are. Ultimately, with a little bit of elbow
grease, you can squeeze a little more power here and there it all ads up. A
g60 making 15psi of boost, but poorly tuned, and maintained, is going to get
spanked by a 13psi G60 in tip top shape!