ECU Removal and SNs EPROM Installation

1) Remove weather stripping from cowl area and lift rain shield out of way.  Unlock tab on left of fresh air grill and remove the from cowl area

After removing the 10mm bolt on the passenger's side of the ECU, disconnect the harness, remove plugs from steel frame in front of ECU, disconnect vacuum line.  Then slide to the left and hold harness and vacuum line out of the way while you snake the ECU out of the cowl area.

Remove the 4 screws on the heat-sink end of ECU and 3 screws on the harness end.  Philips or torx drivers may be required.

Split the casing, remove the the plastic shield.

Remove the two screws on the small circuit board and the two push pins that held the plastic shield on.  squeeze the push pin holders when separating the circuit boards.

Pop the EPROM out with a puller or pry it out (GENTLY and EVENLY) with a non conductive prying tool..

WARNING!! Be careful if there is any possibility for static electric shock.  If you're not grounded to the ECU and induce a static electric shock to the ECU, you may fry it.


Reassemble in the reverse order

Be careful putting the fresh air screen back in.  Damaging the seal will allow rainwater to come into the passenger compartment via the ventilation system.

Now you're ready to haul some SNs arse!!.