ISV Check-Valve

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Here are all of the parts purchased for the ISV Check-valve.

  • Two 1" male pipe fitting to 3/4" nipple adapters.

  • One light spring (almost any will do)

  • Two Garden hose sealing rings(not shown) they go inside the spicket end of the hose to seal it tight.

  • One marble about 1/2" diameter so that it doesn't fill up the entire cross-section of the fittings, but, large enough so it won't just fall through the hose garden hose washers.

The two sources for all of my parts were Lowe's and Ace Hardware.  I had the marble laying around at home along with the spring.  I spent a grand total of about $5... which is slightly less than that stupid Gyro-valve marketed by Eurosport.

These are most of the tools needed to splice the new check-valve into the existing hose on the ISV.  A utility knife worked  better than the scissors for cutting into the ISV hose.