The following wiring diagrams are unverified.


1 Start (50) red/green
2 OXS purple
3 Fuel pump relay red/green or yellow/blue
4 Knock sensor white
5 CO Adjustment blue
6 Ground (Sensors)
throttle switches
Hall sensor
Coolant temp.
CO pot/Air temp. --- brown/white

7 Knock sensor brown or yellow in shielded black cable
8 Hall sensor red/black
9 Air temp sensor blue/white
10 Coolant temp sensor brown/green
11 Idle Switch red/blue
12 Injectors red
13* Ground ECU brown
14 Power main / Idle stab. valve black/white
15 Full Throttle Switch blue/black
16 not used
17 Not used
18 Hall sensor green/white
19 Ground brown
20 MIL yellow  - Yes This is the wire the bling bling blinks the fault codes off your eprom! You did know that your ecu stores sensor fault codes?
21 Not used
22 Idle stab. valve black/yellow
23 Not used
24 Not used
25 Ignition coil green

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