This is the ghetto A/C Fix. If you have been plagued with a dead a/c system recently, or sporadic A/C, and you know you have Freon or R-134 (yes the conversion works great!), then you probably have the dreaded High/Low Pressure switch failing. It's easy to replace, its right in front of the battery, and can be removed without venting your a/c Charge!

1. Don't do this if your freon is low. You'll burn up your compressor.

2. I suggest not using this method for extended (hour+) length of a/c cooling. Nor Do I recommend hot-rodding around (revving up high) with this mod for the safety of your compressor.

3. I've been using this cheap trick for several months, and since summer is nearing its peak, i'll probably not replace the switch anytime soon. Besides, with a/c on, boy does the car dog!

Here's what I did, with a cut paper clip, Unplug the harness, and jumper the plug where the two green wires are.. Might tape up your work afterwards. Go drive, Feel a/c now? If so you probably have the dreaded dead switch. These are $75-100 depending on where you get them.

If you don't have any cool, you probably need a recharge or something else is broke. This trick can be used to

fool the a/c unit to start running for when you insert more freon/r-134. The r-134 conversion kit works fine,

by the way, and as long as you are moving (1200+ rpm's) blows really cold!